ANTICABLES Lab: 6.2 Digital ICs Innovation

– Keith Louis Eichmann ABSOLUTE-Harmony RCA Plugs
– ACElectrum™ Silver/Gold alloy signal conductors
– Delineated Weave™ configuration
– Optional 150 hour Burn-in treatment
– Optional Cryo & Burn-in treatment
– 30 day risk free trial

The ANTICABLES Level 6.2 ABSOLUTE Signature Digital RCA 75 Ohm Interconnect use the newest Keith Louis Eichmann’s Absolute-Harmony RCA Plugs, which we believe are the best sounding RCA plugs in the world. These RCA plugs are so much better then Mr. Eichmann’s PURE-Harmony plugs, we were inspired to push our technology to the maximum to match their musical ability.

Instead of using the red coated elongated coil copper wire to serve as both the returning ground wire and the shield wire (as with our other digital cable designs), these RCA Digital Interconnect uses two additional ACElectrum™ Silver/Gold Alloy wires as the return signal path. The three signal carrying wires are then woven in our Delineated Weave™ configuration.

In addition, the woven signal wires are protected by our new DoubleBack™ shielding configuration. The red colored elongated coil copper wire serves only as the shield wire. It provides twice as many shielding loops per inch then normal, and sinks the noise back to the sourcing component’s ground, instead of sending it forward towards the input of the receiving component.

This configuration provides an even greater picture of each instrument in the recording, and the harmonic beauty of the music. There is better focus and less digital artifacts.

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