Audiophilia Review: Level 3 Speaker Wire

I had the pleasure of meeting up with some folks from Audiophilia at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest this month, and I am thrilled Martin Appel from Audiophilia heard, and mentioned, “the ANTICABLES speaker wires do not compromise dynamics” in his recent review. I believe one of the biggest differences in sound between real musical instruments being played live, and electronic playback of music, is dynamics. The lack of musical dynamics has me so disinterested in listening, that I typically won’t. The presences of macro and micro musical dynamics call my attention so much so, it is difficult to do anything else but listen.
Paul Speltz

“I was immediately struck by the speed and neutrality these cables exhibited along with a transparency that was vibrant and exciting. Musical timbre is not compromised and neither are dynamics. These are two critical areas that many manufacturers get wrong but these inexpensive ANTICABLES wires hit the proverbial nail on the head. The full power of the orchestra is there for the taking. For less than $270.00 you can have a nine foot pair ready to go.”
“Speltz has created an enormous opportunity for budding audiophiles, as well as the more experienced, to improve their sound systems at a price that will delight.  There are no better bargains in all of hi-end audio.”

“In the final analysis, I have come to the same conclusions that my colleague Karl Sigman reached (March, 2015) and feel very comfortable recommending them for a wide variety of high end systems.”

by MARTIN APPEL of Audiophilia on OCTOBER 14, 2015