Capital Audiofest July 8-10

If you are going to Capital Audiofest this weekend, be sure to stop into listening room 206 to hear the system Mark Sossa of Well Pleased AV has put together. Mark will be showing a musically sounding affordable system with speakers and electronics he represents. The room will include:
  • Alta Audio Solo Speakers – $999
  • Clones 25iR Stereo Amplifier – $1200
  • Aqua Acoustic La Voce DAC – $2700
  • Antipodes DS Server – $2800

To hear how good those components actually sound, Mark will be connecting them all together with ANTICABLES top of the line USB and Analog ICs, Speaker Wires, and Power Cords totalling only $1922.

Get 20% off from ANTICABLES at Capitol Audiofest

As an added bonus, Mark will be passing out ANTICABLES Price Sheets with a Coupon Code worth 20% off your next on-line order with us, just for stopping in.

Unfortunately, we will not get there this weekend, so please let us know what you thought of the system.