Best Room Under $50,000 at LAAS

Dear Fellow Audiophiles,

Earlier this summer, ANTICABLES teamed up with Spatial Audio and Vinnie Rossi at LAAS 2017I’d love to share with you some of the fun we had at the show. As well as press coverage we received for our room. Enjoy!

Paul Speltz


“Lock, Stock, and Barrel”

One of the most amazing things that can happen at an audio show is putting together a demo room that sounds really good. What’s even more amazing is putting together a room that sounds so good, an attendee asks to buy the system. That’s right, the whole system. Lock, stock, and barrel. Well, that is exactly what happened to us in Room 476.

Sunday afternoon, the show was slowly coming to a close as vendors began to wrap things up and prepare for the journey home. After visiting our room quite a few times over the weekend, a local audiophile found his way back one more time. It was then that he declared it the best sounding room he had heard at LAAS. Keen to recreate the same aural experience at home, he asked to buy it all. This amazing offer came with the caveat that the entire system is delivered and set up right away. We eagerly agreed.

As soon as the show ended, I packed up at the venue while Vinnie and Clayton took care of our new favorite customer. They hauled the LIO amp, X1 speakers, and ANTICABLES to his home outside LA. Even after setting it up again and getting the system sounding great, they still managed to make it back in time for us all to have a celebratory dinner together.

A victory all around. LA gained a very happy audiophile, and we didn’t have to haul the system back with us. We are looking forward to seeing what happens when the three of us team up again this fall at T.H.E. in Anaheim and RMAF in Denver. We hope to see you there!

Vinnie Rossi, Paul Speltz, Clayton Shaw


LAAS 2017
ANTICABLES  /  Spatial Audio  /  Vinnie Rossi  /  Room 476

Graphic courtesy of The Audio Beatnik

“The cables were provided by ANTICABLES Audio Company. There was Level 3.1 Reference Series USB Digital Interconnect, a pair of Level 3.1 Reference Series Speaker Wires for woofers, a pair of Level 5 Signature Speaker Wires (for horn), and a Level 3 Reference Series Power Cord.”

“Discovering the simplicity  of this system and its total cost blew me awayI have heard and reviewed digital sources that cost more than this entire system. That would still be true if you added the phono preamp module to the LIO and a first class analog source to the system. You could also make these additions and keep the system price under $50,000.” 

“So, it is a very easy call for me. This simple and great sounding system wins the Beatnik’s Bongo Award for the Best System Under $50,000. Don’t forget, as the room was set up, this incredible system was just a little over $25,000. Well done to all! “

– Jack Roberts: The Audio Beatnik


Photo Courtesy of John Stancavage of Part Time Audiophile

“Speaking of wire, the Rossi integrated was connected to the X1s with Paul Speltz’s amazing ANTICABLES. Speltz recently introduced his Level 3.1 Reference Series copper speaker wires ($340 for a 10-foot pair). He also is breaking into the premium market with his new Level 5 Signature silver-gold speaker cable ($3,500 for a 10-foot pair).”

“Rossi and Shaw used runs of the 3.1 for bi-amping the X1’s woofer and the silver-gold Level 5 for the compression driver.”

“Other ANTICABLES in the system included the Level 3.1 Reference USB digital interconnect ($390) and the Level 3 Reference power cords ($330 each).”

“Speltz may not have designed those cables specifically for the Rossi and Spatial gear, but they sounded like they could have been.”

“Together, the components came together to create a rare musical alchemy. That’s something special that you need to hear yourself.”

– Part Time Audiophile: John Stancavage’s LAAS 2017 coverage


Photo Courtesy of Jana Dagdagan of Stereophile

“The sound… was widespread, transparent, and profoundly engaging—the perfect end to my Los Angeles Audio Show experience.” 

– Stereophile: Jana Wraps Up Her LAAS Coverage

Meet us at AXPONA 2017 April 21-23 in Chicago Illinois U.S.A.

paulchuckThis will be our second year showing at at AXPONA, and we are excited to meet our customers!  Stop by our booth in the Marketplace to meet Paul Speltz (Founder, ANTICABLES) and Chuck Bottemiller (Engineer, ANTICABLES). After chatting with us in the Marketplace, we encourage you to head up to listening rooms 504 and 634 (as described below).

Paul Speltz



You can hear a system totally decked-out with ANTICABLES wires in this demo room. We will be teamed up with Mark Sossa of Well Pleased AV who will be demonstrating a very unique system featuring these imported products:

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 8.30.00 AM Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 8.30.11 AM

The room will be wired with ANTICABLES

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 8.30.23 AM


This is the Lampizator demo room which will be featuring the world premier of Spatial Audio’s new M3 Triode Master 16 ohm speaker. As an owner of multiple Atma-Sphere OTL amplifiers, I am thrilled with Clayton Shaw’s decision to go “high impedance”.

The Triod Master’s 16 ohm load, smooth phase response, and 95dB@1w/1m efficiency is a dream load for any tube amp or low power SS amplifier.

Learn more HERE

ANTICABLES customers receive special pricing on these new speakers.

Contact Paul Speltz for details.


LISTENING ROOM: Sprout Tannoy Combo


We have put together a highly satisfying “lifestyle” music system. Below, see how easily the Tannoy XT Mini speakers & PS Audio’s Sprout fit on a living room shelf.

We have been running this setup at ANTICABLES in our own reference listening room, and it has been quite enjoyable!

The secret to this combination?
The Sprout has been specifically designed for use with small speakers. It augments the mid bass region where small speakers start to roll off, and then reduces inter-modulation distortion by cutting out deep bass to eliminate over excursion of the woofer. This “trick” works very well and sometimes has the listener asking, “Which speakers are playing, the big ones, or the little ones sitting on top of them?”

Listening Room: A Customer Review

Greg and Monica M. of Minneapolis, MN USA share their experience with our ANTICABLES Level 3 Speaker Wires.

Paul Speltz, President of ANTICABLES, was on-site helping with their system, and demo’ing some products.

“We really appreciate the education you gave us on the difference cabling makes in the sound. We were both especially impressed with your amazing Level 3 power cord. That along with the interconnects you demo’ed for us made for a very enlightened evening.”
“It was impressive how easy it was to hear an improvement each time you replaced one of our cables with yours.”
“I was very happy to see how natural of sound my Decware gear can reproduce when connected and powered with quality cables like your ANTICABLES. We are on the right track so far with the Level 3 speaker wires and jumpers we use currently, and over time, we plan on replacing all our cabling with ANTICABLES.”
-Greg & Monica

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