LISTENING ROOM: Sprout Tannoy Combo


We have put together a highly satisfying “lifestyle” music system. Below, see how easily the Tannoy XT Mini speakers & PS Audio’s Sprout fit on a living room shelf.

We have been running this setup at ANTICABLES in our own reference listening room, and it has been quite enjoyable!

The secret to this combination?
The Sprout has been specifically designed for use with small speakers. It augments the mid bass region where small speakers start to roll off, and then reduces inter-modulation distortion by cutting out deep bass to eliminate over excursion of the woofer. This “trick” works very well and sometimes has the listener asking, “Which speakers are playing, the big ones, or the little ones sitting on top of them?”

Listening Room: A Customer Review

Greg and Monica M. of Minneapolis, MN USA share their experience with our ANTICABLES Level 3 Speaker Wires.

Paul Speltz, President of ANTICABLES, was on-site helping with their system, and demo’ing some products.

“We really appreciate the education you gave us on the difference cabling makes in the sound. We were both especially impressed with your amazing Level 3 power cord. That along with the interconnects you demo’ed for us made for a very enlightened evening.”
“It was impressive how easy it was to hear an improvement each time you replaced one of our cables with yours.”
“I was very happy to see how natural of sound my Decware gear can reproduce when connected and powered with quality cables like your ANTICABLES. We are on the right track so far with the Level 3 speaker wires and jumpers we use currently, and over time, we plan on replacing all our cabling with ANTICABLES.”
-Greg & Monica

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