Report: New York Audio Show

Image Credit: Audiophilia

Image Credit: Audiophilia

Images courtsey of Karl Sigman of

I was humbled when invited to join with Alta Audio and Krell Audio to share a demo room a the New York Audio Show earlier this month.

Micheal Levy of Alta Audio debuted his new $27,000/pr Hestia Titanium loudspeakers. Michael is a highly skilled speaker designer – I have to say, the Alta Audio Hestia Titanium speakers are some of the best sounding speakers I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. They continually sounded more like real instruments and less like speakers, than any other speakers I have ever heard.

It was a treat to team up with Krell Audio as well. Krell is now back in the hands of co-founder Rondi D’Agostino, who I am sure will direct the company with a “love of music” perspective. Also from Krell was Dave Goodman, who is their chief designer and has been with the company for decades.

Reviewer Karl Sigman of declared our room as his “favorite sounding room” of the entire NY Audio Show. Karl stated, “the sound-stage was huge and focused (nothing amorphous) with pinpoint accuracy of imaging, voices had the singer way up high smack in the center and there was amazing bass and detailed tonal accuracy”.  You can read Karl’s entire show report here.

Adding up the total equipment cost in our demo room well exceeded six figures, which is a first for ANTICABLES at an audio show.  We are proud that our products are recognized to be good enough to be a part of such an elite team.
The room consisted of:

Listening to other rooms at the show, I cold tell our full loom of ANTICABLES wires had a significant contribution to the success of our great sound.

I look forward to teaming up with both Krell and Alta Audio at future audio shows!

Paul Speltz (President & Founder, ANTICABLES)

Audiophilia Review: The New York Audio Show 2016

Image Credit: Audiophilia

Image Credit: Audiophilia

We had a great time at the New York Audio Show last weekend! Looks like Audiophilia enjoyed the trip, too — a great show review by Karl Sigman. Check out ANTICABLES featured about halfway down the page, Room 904 with Alta Audio and Krell Audio.

2016 RMAF Show Review by Enjoy the Music

dsc2949Some great press has been coming in from Rocky Mountain Audio Fest!  Here is a show review from


Just Released: Level 5 Signature Series Speaker Wires

starcomponent-newWe are proud to announce that our newly released Level 5 Signature Speaker Wires have already won Audiophilia’s Star Component Award, and we invite you to stop in and hear why, in room 1104 at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest this weekend (October 7-9).

Martin Appel of stated their “detail, resolution and transparency were off the charts”, and that they have a “life-like realism that was truly astonishing“.

We accomplished this by rolling our excellent ACElectrum™ Silver/Gold alloy metallurgy, proven in our upper level interconnects, into a much larger gauge wire to handle the current demands of speakers.

The outcome was so sonically successful, Martin Appel said they “got the musical timbres of instruments as correctly as I’ve ever heard“.

5speakerwires-awardThese new Level 5 Signature Speaker Wires are so good at resolution and dynamics that he went on to say, “This recording has massive dynamic swings from the quietest passages to full orchestral/choral crescendos and the 5 Signatures handled the performance without congestion, blurring or smearing.  In other words, you get all the music, all the time“.

Mr Appel boldly closes his review by flat out stating, “If problems occur with the sound, it’s coming from other pieces in your audio chain, not these speaker wires.

You can read the entire review HERE.

…and you can hear them in room 1104 at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest October 7th – 9th.

We are also sharing a lobby booth with Spatial Audio and Red Dragon Audio,  so be sure to stop in to say hello.


Level 3 Power Cords have the effect of going from a 4-cylinder to an 8-cylinder engine!

To piggyback on our “ANTICABLES Lab” article, “Why Power Cords Matter” we wanted to share a few words from Don B., a customer who is thoroughly enjoying his listening experience  — more now than for the past two decades, thanks to ANTICABLES Level 3 Power Cords (and Level 4.1 XLR ICs)

We received a few notes from Don as he received some of the products – as well as a final round-up, below.

– – –

Aug 17th

The Level 3 Power Cord has me laughing and enjoying my system immeasurably more right out of the box! By the way, I took your suggestion to bypass my power conditioner.

The detail, tonal balance, depth and width of soundstage, and bottom-end are all significantly way improved. Who knew my speakers were capable of such deep, deep bass and crystal clear highs. Albums that I thought were a little disappointing in the sound department are actually dazzling!

Finally, using the ANTICABLES power cord on my DAC/preamp meets my fullness requirement!!! The true sound of the Level 4.1 Reference Plus Xhadow is singing like never before.


– – –

Aug 22nd

Today, I received the second Level 3 Power Cord which I plugged into my amplifier. My first Level 3 power cord is attached to my DAC/Preamp.

Two albums that I thought were poorly recorded…now I will use them as reference test records. Those albums are full of nuances and dynamics that were not produced by my previous power cords that cost 6 times what the ANTICABLES Level 3 Power Cords cost!!!!

With the addition of your power cables and Reference 4.1 balanced XLR interconnects, my system has improved very significantly – I get goosebumps listening to my system. The soundstage is deep and wide with a highly stable image that sounds like I attending a live event.


– – –

August 30th

The Level 4.1 Plus Xhadow XLRs are like a powerful vacuum cleaner that get every morsel of recorded sound.

OMG, the Level 3 Power Cords have the effect of going from a 4-cylinder to an 8-cylinder engine!

Again, thanks for producing such high quality products at more than reasonable prices!


– – –


DonBakerEver since I bought my first separate preamp and power amplifier combination back in the early 1990s my main hobby has been listening to music. Through the years I learned that different components to include power cords and interconnects were instrumental to achieving the sound that I enjoyed. Moreover different combinations of preamps, power amplifiers, and interconnects tend to respond best to various genres of music.

Thus, my audio system is a hybrid of various components that are interchanged to go with the genre of music I am playing. If I want a more lush and silky mid-range image I tend to use a tube preamp and bloomy amplifier. When I want to listen to a brassy hard-driving album with lots of pizazz, shimmering highs and thunderous bass, I use a solid-state preamp/power amplifier combination.

As well, I use different types of interconnects to feed my electrostatic speakers depending on the genres of music that are playing. My various interconnects were viewed as separate components because they ran anywhere from $1700 to $4000.

However, all changed when I purchased my first set of interconnects from ANTICABLES! Once the Level 4.1 Reference Plus Xhadow balanced XLR interconnects were inserted into my system I found that I did not need to switch between my preamp and power amplifier combinations to get goose bumps as I listened to various genres of music. I was hearing harmonics and nuances not previously heard on albums that I have owned for over 20 years. I was astonished at how much music I had been missing without the ANTICABLES interconnects.

Since the Level 4.1 XLRs were such game changers, I decided to try the Level 3 Power Cords within weeks. I wanted to try the Level 3 Power Cords immediately after hearing the impact of the Level 4.1 balanced XLRs but I wanted to let the interconnects burn-in fully before making another ANTICABLES purchase. Basically I wanted to let my ears determine if I was taken with just a different sound or a truly better sound!

Since I am retired and listen to music an average of 5 hours per day, it did not take long to conclude that the ANTICABLES interconnects were better than my other  interconnects that were 6x more expensive!!!

When the Level 3 power cord was inserted into my DAC/preamp component I went gaga. The volume controls did not change but the dynamic range; forwardness of the music and harmonic balance resulted in goose bumps popping!

Long story short, I purchased a second Level 3 Power Cord for my Class D amplifier and was blown away with the increased clarity of the sound! My wife who knew nothing about what had been replaced came into my listening room and said, “…the music is really clear…keep whatever you bought…”