Dear Prudence: Meeting the woman behind the BEATLES hit song

12472317_923198251130175_5019088466435087820_nWhile at AXPONA we had the pleasure of spending time with Prudence, of the song ‘Dear Prudence’, by the BEATLES. She was there signing the “White Album” and her book “Dear Prudence: The Story Behind the Song”.

Prudence and her sister Mia (as in the Farrow sisters) were in India in the 60’s studying Meditation with the Maharishi when the Beatles showed up for their own study!

Paul shares his thoughts on Transcendental Meditation:

Years ago when I first learned how to do Transcendental Meditation, I quickly realized that I had already experienced the feeling and benefits of it in another way. Listening to music by myself with my eyes closed often times feels very similar to meditating. The music can sometimes work at the Mantra. Music does not work as quickly as my personal Mantra, but with a long enough music listening session, it is often possible for me to get my mine to become quiet and loose track of both time and consciousness. If you have ever experienced this feeling when listening to music, you too have already touched on what Transcendental Meditation feels like. I now realize that music is my original form of meditation.