With awards from the best audio publications, and hundreds of testimonials from the global audio community, the ANTICABLES products have established themselves as the lowest price to highest performance leader in the cable business. ANTICABLES products are affordable enough to fit into an entry level system budget, yet perform high enough to sound better than cables costing 10 to 100 times more.

This is achieved by holding to these basic design principals:

  • Use only the materials needed (solid core wire and connectors)
  • Make sure those materials are of very high sonic quality
  • Eliminate all unnecessary materials (No thick plastic jacketing)

Since these simple red coated wire products don’t look like, sound like, or cost like typical cables, and since the usual sonic signatures, hyperbole, and high prices of typical cables have been eliminated, they are called “The ANTICABLES“. Their sonic neutrality and transparency will allow you to hear how great your components actually sound.

I invite you to  reclaim the music lost in your existing cables.

anticables by paul speltz
Paul Speltz
President & Founder, ANTICABLES

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