Inside ANTICABLES: Evolution of Power Cords

ANTICABLES is never willing to offer a product until we are confident our design has the ability to outperform top tier offerings, at a fraction of the cost. After spending three years developing the best sounding power cord we had ever heard, in 2012 we released it as our Level 3 Reference Series Power Cord.

Wait a second- your first power cord released was the highest level?
We know what you’re thinking. Typical product evolution would be to first release a product, and then improve upon it. For our power cord line-up we released the best first, and then investing even more time into researching ways to reduce cost while maintaining a viable product. Thus came, the Level 2 Performance Series Power Cord, and Level 1 Classic Series Power Cord.Several years on the market, our power cords have consistently ranked among our top-selling products, and received outstanding reviews!

How can a High End Power Cord improve a system’s sound?
ANTICABLES high-end Power Cords are hand built using many wire strands drawn in a way that forms the wire into a cross sectional molecular shape, which allows noise coming from the component’s power supply to quickly escape the component on the skin of each wire strand.  In doing so, ANTICABLES  Power Cords help keep the component’s own power supply noise from contaminating the music. This processed wire also has the great advantage of time smearing any noise traveling in the wire in the opposite direction, thus reducing the amplitude of noise getting into the audio component from the wall outlet.

When should I use ANTICABLES Power Cords?
Since it is improbable that one would fully dive into investing in high-end power cords for every component in a system, the natural question is how to best invest progressively in ANTICABLES Power Cords. For the most cost effective strategy, we recommend this priority list:

Source (CD player, DAC, and phono preamplifier)
Digital Transport
Power Amplifiers
Turntable Motor Supply

How do the levels sound when compared to one another?
This is one of the most difficult questions to answer! All three Power Cord levels and two other well known and well designed aftermarket power cables were compared in three different systems against the stock power cords. Below is a rough average of how they scored on a scale of 1 to 10. Our best advice is to buy the best scoring power cable that is within your system’s budget:
  • Free stock power cord scored 2.5
  • $700 Shunyata Research scored 5.5
  • $180 Level 1 ANTICABLES scored 6.5
  • $600 LessLoss Audio scored 7.0
  • $230 Level 2 ANTICABLES scored 8.0
  • $330 Level 3 ANTICABLES scored 9.5

Not sure which level to select?
Within 60 days of purchase, if you like your ANTICABLES power cord so much you want to hear how good a higher level will sound, we will give you full credit towards an equal or longer power cord of a higher level.