It’s All About The Music: Rest in Peace, Dear Prince

Judy talks about the recent passing of Prince, from ANTICABLES home state of Minnesota.

The radio and TV stations have been keeping everyone updated on memorials, celebrations, and tributes, playing out around the world, and here in Minnesota. It’s been quite spectacular really, you don’t know how someone effects your life until they’re gone. Paul and I have been glued to social media all weekend watching all the tributes, and music & movie footage. Even SNL joined in, playing all his performances over the years, and a few sketches poking fun at his mystique.

Minnesota is usually only known for it’s 10,000 lakes, mosquitoes by the millions, and temperatures so cold they’d freeze the ‘balls off a brass monkey”, as my dad would occasionally say. Normally Prince wouldn’t come up in the conversation if you were asked “tell me about Minnesota”, it would be up to the person asking to remind us,”isn’t Prince from MN too”.   We Minnesotans have come to know Prince as just another member of the family, a neighbor who happens to be incredibly famous.
He didn’t move to a large city like LA or NY, instead he stayed away from the masses and set up shop in a Minneapolis suburb. He frequented the music scene around town, invited people to his studio to ‘JAM’ into the wee hours of the morning because he wanted to throw a party, and on occasion, you might have run into him at Walgreens, or see him drive by in his Vipor. Yes, it was exciting if you got a glimpse of Prince doing something ordinary, but the public left him alone, to give him that ordinary life that is so quickly taken from you when fame hits, and in return, he gave us his loyalty.
Rest in Peace Dear Prince.