Analog Interconnects Reviews

No. 1) Same Characteristics as the ANTICABLES Speaker Wires:

“Thanks for the interconnects. I was able to listen briefly yesterday, and it was enough time to let you know that the interconnects sound great. Very, very clear. That goes for the whole frequency spectrum. Bass lines, midrange, and a natural, clear and open top end. The interconnects basically have the same characteristics as the speaker wire, which is how I assumed it would be. You are certain to have a winner here.”

“Thanks again and best of luck.”

Stew Glick, NY

No. 2) Clobbered MIT Interconnects:

“… My real reason for this e-mail is to report on the interconnects. FANTASTIC. They clobbered my two MIT cables, which cost me $550 and $350. The sound is really exciting. I have a big smile on my face. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!”

Bob Zwahlen, PA

No. 3) Fast, Natural, Extended, Detailed, and Dynamic, w/o Brightness:

“I wanted to drop you a note re: the excellence of your cables. I bought a couple of 10′ ANTICABLES speaker wires, (for bi-wiring speakers) and a couple of 1.5M interconnects. Now I know why you call these “anti” cables…..They do not add or detract anything from the music signal flowing through the system. Any sonic changes in tweaking upstream components are easily discernable. They are fast, natural sounding, extended, detailed, and dynamic, w/o brightness.”

“These Anti’s have replaced my entire sets of the highly rated Audience AU24s and Cardas Golden References. They will probably replace my Purist Audio Venustas as well, even if the PADs were better (which they may not be), due to the massive price differential ($400 vs. PADs $3,500 bought, $6k+ retail). Wow! Thanks, and keep up the great work!”

Mark Rodziewicz, MN

No. 4) Live, Natural, and 3D:

“I just wanted to let you know I believe your IC is even better than your speaker wire. I am using both with my Plinius SA 102, Modwright Sony with volume control, and Maggie 3.6 speakers. The IC’s really have no grain and are dynamic and very natural sounding. They replaced AQ Diamond X3 IC.”

“My system never sounded so Live, natural or 3D. I’ve tried to get a couple friends to try your cables but they say your cheap cables can not be that good. Maybe if you raise the price to $500 or so they would be able to enjoy them. LOL thanks.”

Walt McBride, FL

No. 5) The Best:

“You guys are the best. Thanks for the ANTICABLES ICs. I am enjoying them now. The combination of the ANTICABLES speaker wires and the interconnects is GREAT! Thanks again.”

Bryan Anderson, IL

No. 6) Bodyguards Recommended:

“I hope you are fortifying your office, armoring your car & hiring bodyguards. Once those ridiculously overpriced ic companies hear your ANTICABLES ic’s they are going to come calling. Please don’t ever become like them. Us regular guys need more people like you in our corner.”

“I have a box of various brands & designs. They all sound constipated except one when compared to yours. That one retailed for over a $1000. Your interconnects made the blue flat things sound exactly that, flat!”

“They had only been in for an hour. I listened for a while but not seriously. I came back yesterday to check how they were doing & ended up late for work. I kept telling myself “just one more song” several times over & over. Anyway long story, short they are the most incredible ic’s I’ve ever experienced. I could go on but I’m sure you have heard it all before. Thank you for helping a relatively inexpensive system sound really extraordinary. Thanks for the happier listening.”

Will Virtue, NY

No. 7) Clean Clear & Monstrous Bass:

“Just dropping you a line to let you know your anti-IC is just brilliant, by far the cleanest and clearest cable I’ve ever heard that delivers monstrous bass…with every other cable I’ve auditioned there is some sort of trade-off.”

“The Eichmann Bullet plugs are just killer too… I put them on my turntable and now my entire analog capture chain from turntable to soundcard is with the bullet plugs and my cd’s sound simply amazing.”

“Please give me a heads up before you begin to charge $500 per meter for these – I need one more set soon!”

Matt Cecil, Chicago IL

No. 8) In Heaven:

“Just like to let you know I received the ANTICABLES speaker wires and interconnects today. oh man now that’s an improvement! I’m in heaven. thank you,”

Eduardo Vega, NJ

No. 9) Simply Amazing:

“Just got the 15′ XLR IC and they sound excellent right out of the box. Simply amazing. I’m placing my order again for a 1M pair RCA IC. Thanks,”

Steve Der Chang, CO

No. 10) Phenomenal over Coincident Cables:

“They sound phenomenal especially when compared to the Coincident cables I had to listen to in the mean time. Work on a power cord, I would buy it in a minute. I will be your beta tester if you need one. Thanks,”

Bryan Anderson, IL

No. 11) Living Breathing Music:

“Received the speaker cables and balanced interconnects nearly 2 months ago but didn’t put them in my system until a month later. I think you are wrong with your burn in time for the cables, in my opinion they are no different than any other cables and therefore require the standard 3 weeks with music constantly played through them. All I can say is these cables are worth the wait. I am now listening to living breathing music and nothing else is getting done! Thanks and very well done. Kind regards,”

John Norton, England

No. 12) Another Superior Product:

“I was really impressed with the interconnects’ performance in my system. I noticed your Audiogon ad for the interconnect cables and I agree with the comments that others had. They are very open, detailed and revealing, without being bright. They are a perfect match to the ANTICABLES I am using on my speakers. You have another superior product.”

John Jansky, MN

No. 13) Blasted Audience Au24 interconnects:

“Thanks for the cables, i let my friend take the interconnects home to watch king kong and it was not 30 minutes latter and he called me talking crazy, hey Bill i just found my next Ic’s. I said ya right! Dave you have not had them a day yet! ok ok i will be over tomorrow cool out.”

“the next day i went for a listen, i said this is the best system yet in his house. ok dave i said take off the anti-ICs so i can hear the AU24 to see what’s going on here. Man! i could not believe it, from the mid to upper-mid to the top end the system died out like someone pull off the wires to the midrange and tweeters. i said to myself what the heck happen! it blasted the AU24’s interconnect cables between the cd player and preamp. i told dave, give me back my cable so i can review them and go buy your own. Thanks,”

Bill Glenn, CA

No. 14) Soundly Beat My Top-End Cables:

“I was very glad to see the positive words for your cables in TAS, congratulations!”

“You and I spoke several months ago while I was purchasing a pair of interconnects with Bullet Plugs. They are superb, by the way. They have soundly beat out my top-end cables from a very [very!] respected company. I intend to order another pair this weekend and will then let you know how a complete set sounds. Thanks for your help, and congrats again on the TAS notice,”

Mike Agee, MA

No. 15) Easily Surpassed the Cardas Cross Interconnects:

“I broke the interconnects in for two days. On the third day they easily surpassed the Cardas Cross interconnects ($359 per 1/2 meter). The ANTICABLES interconnects had a natural presentation that sounded truer to life. I am going to buy another pair as soon as I get my Cardas cables sold.”

“I think it’s great that I can take a big step up in sound quality, sell my old cables and still have money in my pocket. The next pair of your interconnects will replace my Homegrown Audio Super Silver IC’s. I was very skeptical when I first read about ANTICABLES but I’m skeptical no more. Thank you for a stellar product that put cable upgrades in my reach. Sincerely,”

Neil Crowley, CO

No. 16) Hit the Jackpot:

“This is Bon, your ic is worth IT, it works.”


Bonifacio Turla, IL

No. 17) A No Brain’er in Shanghai China:

“Got the ANTICABLES speaker wires and interconnects today. I tried the anti interconnects from the source to the pre. A brief listening session already confirmed I have to recommend this to my friends. It blown away the Kimber Select low end model effortless. More importantly, it is close to another pair of Sweden Silver interconnect that costs more than USD$5000.”

“I can’t stop replacing my speaker cables with Anticables, again it didn’t disappoint me at all, especially with this price tag. Finally, I install another pair of ANTICABLES interconnects from pre to power. What I would recommend is Anti series should be used for the whole signal path, if possible. The synergy is very obvious.”

“In fact, the whole set of ANTICABLES speaker wires and interconnects is ordered for my friend’s new system with relatively limited budget. The half day listening experience is very pleasant, musical and involving. The “business case” to own a whole set of such a high standard cables is a no brain’er. And I think I have to order another set for my friend later. Thanks,”

Wilson Man, Shanghai China

No. 18) Clearly Better Than Clearview:

“The interconnects are clearly better (and easier to manage!) then my previous Clearview (Mapleshade) Excalibur Ribbons Plus for my system. I like the sound and I trust my own ears. Bravo Paul for your Anti(s).”

H.M. Laksmana, Indonesia

No. 19) Phenomenal:

“I received your interconnects today. After 3 hours I can say, simply outstanding! Piano is phenomenal, as well as everything else.”


Ed Cook, OH

No. 20) A Lot better than Kimber, YBA, AQ, and MIT:

“I placed an order yesterday for two more sets of “Anti” ICs and Speaker wire. I still shake my head and chuckle that these cables outperform all my others, which I now sold by the way to finance this and an Ernies power cable upgrade with a few hundred bucks to spare! Finally an upgrade that saved me money! The interconnects I had before were: Kimber KCTG and Hero, YBA Diamond,Audioquest Jaguar and MIT Terminator II. The speaker cables replaced Kimber 8TC. These cables weren’t just a little better either. They were a lot better! . ET – happy customer.”

Earl Thomas, WV

No. 21) In Love:

“I love the balanced ICs you made for me. Thanks!”

Bob Savaiano, IL

No. 22) Enthusiastic Praise from Canada:

“Thanks for your prompt shipping of the ANTICABLES interconnects and speaker wires. I received them this morning and I must confess that not much other than listening got accomplished today.”

“I have to be careful the way I express my impressions since the last interconnects I tried date back to a couple of weeks ago – but this I can say with certainty: they were 8 or 9 times the price of the Anti-IC’s and there is nothing I can remember with any certainty that they did better than the Anti-IC’s.”

“As for the speaker cables, I can only compare them to my previous cables (which were several times the price) and there is no question that the ANTICABLES are far superior.”

“I recently changed my electronics for a complete suite of Classé’s Delta series. As delighted as I was with the results there was still an edginess and occasionally glare in the upper mid-range at relatively high volume which, in the end, I ascribed to solid state electronic or perhaps to my Thiel speakers… Not anymore! Not all is gone because I still have two pairs of my previous interconnects in the loop, and I fully expect that this will take care of the little that is left of the problem.”

“You have received some very enthusiastic praise for your cables from many peoples and I can now see for myself that there is a sound basis for it. If you factor in the price, then there is no doubt in my mind that one would be very hard pressed to find better value for money. Thanks,”

Gilles Mongeau, Canada

No. 23) Bass is Deep and Very, Very Clean:

“Thanks for the new ANTICABLES interconnect cables. Basically, I found them to be more transparent, less muddy; of course this is a relative thing, the others sounded excellent on their own! The new cables just seem to have less coloration. It’s as though the sound is yet cleaned up even more, and yet it is not bright or harsh sounding. Guitar strings are just that much more distinct, and the percussive nature is more present (I play guitar, so I’m more sensitive to these distinctions). Bass is deep and very, very clean; it’s amazing to me what a difference one set of thin wires can make on the bass response, cleaning and tightening it up! All the best Paul!”

Stew Glick, NY

No. 24) Beat Cardas Golden Reference & Transparent Ultra Cables:

“Thanks for sending the interconnects so promptly. I compared your interconnect to my Cardas Golden Reference balanced cables first. My wife and a stereo friend also listened. It wasn’t close. We all agreed that your cables provided more definition in the bass, more dynamics, and better midrange clarity. We then went on to compare your cables with my Transparent Ultra cables. This was a close call with your interconnects being only slightly more dynamic and lifelike. Do you know anyone who wants Cardas and Transparent cables? Thanks again,”

John Girod, OR

No. 25) Wedding Bells:

“I finally hooked up the package you sent me. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Next to marrying my wife, the best thing I did was to purchase your products (ANTICABLES speaker wires and ICs). Please express my thanks to Judy as well.”

Joel Jastromb, IL

No. 26) Happy Repeat Customer:

“The ANTICABLES IC’s came this week, much sooner than the anticipated. Initial impression was that I wasn’t as initially impressed as I was by the ANTICABLES speaker wires, (maybe I was expecting too much). The sound was flat, and low frequencies were rolled off with no punch. However, after 3-4 days of burn-in, the interconnects have become very neutral, with more high and low end extension. Dynamics are handled very naturally, and the detail is great. I’m keeping em!”

“Another great product to a happy repeat customer. BTW, the ANTICABLES IC’s are very cool looking. Thanks,”

Jeff Aragaki, CA

No. 27) Best Interconnects in Australia:

“Thanks for the cables which I received two days ago. They sound great and I am more than happy with my purchase. In the not too distant future I would like to order a couple more ANTICABLES ICs at longer lengths. These are the best interconnects I have ever owned. Thanks again & Kind Regards,”

Tim Vandenbosch, Australia

No. 28) Quick, Open, and Punchy:

“I just wanted to let you know that the ANTICABLES IC’s arrived today. Thanks for such prompt shipping and of course making them so quickly as well. I got them installed and the Neutrik connectors fit nice and tight.”

“I was immediately impressed with the detail (not brightness) and the dimensionality. My other IC’s sounded very dark by comparison. These seem to be very quick with an open sound with plenty of punch. Thus far I am very impressed. Thanks for another fine product!!”

Tom Kearney, MI

…and there’s more…

“It looks like I will need one more pair of the ANTICABLES IC’s for my phono stage. I esp. like the fact that the anti-ic’s have negligible rfi and emi which as you know is very important for a phono stage. The anti-IC’s seem to do a great job of transferring the minute signal from the cartridge to the phono pre.”

“I think that a 1.5m length should be just about right for this pair. I wish I had known how good these things were and you could have made all three pairs at once. It would have saved both of us some time and postage costs. Thanks,”

Tom Kearney, MI

No. 29) The Best Balanced Cables, Even Beating Nordost:

“I’ve been very remiss in writing to you regarding your balanced ANTICABLES interconnects. I am enjoying them very much. I have compared them to several cables including Silver Audio cables and Nordost Quattrofils. The worst cables I’ve tried so far are the Silver Audio ones; most cables are better than the Silver Audio ones including Mogami and Monster. The Quattrofils were okay, but yours are the best commercial cables I’ve tried so far beating the Nordost Quattrofils in 3-dimensionality, detail, and bass.”

Mike McCrary, CA

No. 30) I’m Glued to my Listening Chair:

“My order of a pair of your interconnects arrived earlier this week and since then I’ve been glued to my listening chair — incredibly musical! I’ll give you more feedback after burning them in and trying them in my other system. Best regards and thanks,”

Spiro Michaylov, MA

No. 31) A Major Quantum Leap over Cardas:

“My order arrived yesterday. Thank you again for the prompt service. The interconnects are now installed in my system along with my anticable speaker wires. My system consists of Gallo Nucleus Reference 3.1 speakers, the separate Gallo sub amp, Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 300 integrated amp, and a Rega Planet 2000 CD player. This was a magnificent sounding system before the anti-IC’s were installed. I was using some highly regarded Cardas interconnects, and indeed they sounded great. With your new IC’s however, the sound has taken a major, quantum leap forward! Your packaging included caveats about an expected 500 hour break-in period. This huge performance increase was instantly noticeable, right out of the box. Thank you again!”

Kendall Newsome, IL

No. 32) A Giant Leap Forward:

“Last week I landed another pair of your balanced ANTICABLES IC cables. Yesterday afternoon I finally got off my duff and hooked them up between my preamp’s balanced outputs, and the single-ended inputs of the Linkwitz Orion active crossover. I had a pair of Cardas adaptors on hand, which with other cables hadn’t sounded so good. With the second pair I was able to leave anti-IC between the cd player and preamp.”

“Oh my! The sound of my system took a GIANT leap forward. Granted, several things changed at once: I switched from the single ended outputs to the balanced on the preamp; the balanced outputs don’t invert polarity as do the single-ended outputs; and of course I changed the cable. In any case, what I care about is the end result, which is most pleasing.”

“I imagine a proper xlr to rca cable, without the use of the adaptor, will be as good or better. I have just one final question before I order it: how do you rate the Eichmann bullet plugs versus the standard Nuetrik rca plugs? Is there an audible difference, and is “different” really the same as “better” in this case?”

“Thanks for the additional advice before I put in the order,”

Jim Levitt, WA

No. 33) Outstanding Above Hundreds Heard in The Netherlands:

“I’m an acoustical designer and I design listening rooms, mostly for people in their homes, but also edit rooms and recording rooms for small studios and rehearsal rooms for musicians. Throughout the year I hear a lot of different audiosets, owned by the customers I visit. I think I have a rather wide frame of reference with regard to all sorts of sophisticated audiosets, and in my 30 years of experience I heard an awful lot of different sets (and cables). The ANTICABLES is truly outstanding, but this you already know. Now you hear it from someone who professionally listens to about 100 different high-end setting every year.”

Toine Dingemans, The Netherlands.

No. 34) More Jaws Dropping in The Netherlands:

“What a coincidence, I received the package right after I sent the e-mail! Have been listening to the cables (ANTICABLES speaker wires & ANTICABLES ICs) for a couple of hours, and they are really jaw-droppingly good.”


“Thanks a lot!”

Robert Gray, The Netherlands

No. 35) A World-Wide Positive Change in the Cable Industry:

“Please don’t raise the prices of your cables; you are making a very important statement with your excellent products. Please don’t turn into “one of them”. I’ve been in High End since 1976 and used to own my own “High End” store, Audio By Design in Sou-Cal in the mid 80’s-early 90’s. I know what goes on in the cable industry. While good wire is important, what’s happened since the late 1980’s has become ridiculous. There will be people who will doubt your product because of its pricing, please don’t give in to this psychology. There will be, if there hasn’t been already, “advice” that you should have a very expensive line if you “really want to be successful and gain respect” and have access to the “best audio salons”. It will be tempting- I’ve seen it happen many times. Most then fail.”

“You have a unique opportunity here to cause a world-wide positive change in the cable industry and become a hero of sorts. Don’t let us down buddy! Thanks for reading this- happy holidays!”

Dr. Jay Sullivan, NJ

No. 36) Music and Movies are Clear and Open in Modest System:

“Having used your ANTICABLES speaker wire and ic’s for a few weeks now I wanted to let you know how happy I am with your product. I bi-wired my paradigm s4 front and c3 center speakers with your ANTICABLES speaker wire, and replaced my balanced xlr connections between my anthem d2 pre/pro and anthem a5/a2 amps, and my analog rca connections between my denon 370 cd and the d2. All my comments are subjective since I’m only using my ears, and no expensive measuring equipment, but since I use my ears to listen music and movies, they are the best equipment I have.”

“The clarity and openness of both cd’s and dvd’s is noticeably better. While I was waiting for my ANTICABLES products to arrive- which was very quickly- I decided to listen to some favorite cd’s and movies so that I could judge at least subjectively, if there was any improvement with your products. There was! I was hearing things that I wasn’t hearing before on both music and movies and the soundstage was noticeably improved. Since I was using monster cable for my connections I expected some improvement, but I’m surprised at just how much improvement.”

“The monster cable speaker wire and ic’s were of comparable price. I realize that many of your comments come from audiophiles who have used much more expensive products for comparison, and that much of your sales are aimed at audiophiles who have more disposable income than I do, but the improvement I hear in my system with just these few additions is remarkable.”

“Keep up the good work. A great product at a great price.”

Tom Giloy, Denver CO

No. 37) Fit Perfectly into this Expensive System:

“We have your speaker cables and interconnects in a $40,000 system and they are keeping up perfectly.”

Dan G. Curtis, AZ

No. 38) Perfectly Impressed:

“I received my shipment yesterday. Everything turned out perfectly and I tried your IC’s and I was impressed. Congratulations on making a high quality cable. If you have an Audiogon account, I’d love to leave you positive feedback. My best,”

Dennis Wong, HI

No. 39) Praised for not Charging More:

“Ok, the ANTICABLES ICs are most definitely better than the WW Polaris. I have to admit, I am honestly SURPRISED it is true. After more than a week, I will now feel entirely comfortable selling the WW wires. You are a real talent in the industry, AND must be praised for not charging ridiculous prices for your products because you are probably well aware that if you did, you’d still sell plenty!!! You might sell more!”

Paul Folbrecht, WI

No. 40) Replaced $6000 of Cables:

“Burn-in 500hrs? BULL!!! I just installed a full set of ANTICABLES speaker wires and ANTICABLES IC’s two days ago and am amazed at the near instantaneous improvement in the sound. Open, airy….much less congestion. The cables I replaced cost well over $6000. They will be posted on AGon soon. At the price you charge, I feel as if they were a gift! Thanks,”

Bob Bean Newburgh, IN

No. 41) Off the Cable Merry-go-Round:

“I felt it was time to give you my personal experience with your cables. Back in January I ordered your speaker cables and a few weeks later ordered your interconnects.”

“Two very positive things have come out of this experience. First a big thank you for getting me off the cable “merry go round” Let me explain I have tried the expensive Virtual Dynamics, Cardas Reference, MITs, Transparents, Mapleshade, and Nordost and your cables are so much better in my 2 channel tubed system. I am done seeking for the real sound that some of these cables claim, and tired of cables coloring the sound. You are not kidding about the 3D sound and realism these cables can present in an audio system.”

“Secondly, I have learned to be patient in selecting and listening to your cables. There has been much talk of these cables especially your interconnects needing many hours to really blossom. I have to admit they are right, although they sound good out the box they really show their true sound after 500 hrs… Which is not a bad thing because you need to be patient with these cables and you will be rewarded with incredible realism that is so “live” and real sounding that the other night I could have sworn Eric Clapton, The Eagles, and Fleetwood Mac were in my listening room! Your cables have allowed me to just sit back and listen to the MUSIC and not the equipment. I can finally experience a huge soundstage so much that my floorstanding speakers just vanish and the musicians take over.”

“To say I am happy is an understatement. If people have any doubts I will gladly extend an invitation for them to come to my home and listen for themselves, on second thought they should just order a pair and find out for themselves. I strongly believe they will not be disappointed. Thank you,”

Peter Camperos Pasadena, CA

No. 42) Replaced Cardas Golden Reference:

“I recently ordered your speaker cable (bi-wire setup) and an IC. Very impressed– the IC replaced a Cardas Golden Reference and was an unbelievable improvement. So impressed that I ordered another IC for my phono-preamp link. Regards,”

Jack Corneveaux, UT

No. 43) Improved $30,000 System:

“Holly Cow!”

“All this hype is true! I actually heard entire instrument that i never heard before and the sound is warm and smooth and the bass is tight and clear. All this improvement on a system that comprise of Krell 200 watt class A and Bryston 4B-ST amp, krell active crossover and preamp and CD plus martin logan monolith 3 . How a simple thing like a wire can improve a high end system that cost over $30,000 is beyond my imagination! Great job!”

Roy Wong, NV

No. 44) Better Then Harmonic Technology Cables:

“I am keeping the IC’s that you sent me. They are staying right here. In fact, they are the best Interconnects that I have ever had in my system. They are a lot better than the Harmonic Tech Pro Sillway 3 that I have been using.”

“In a month or so I will be ordering another pair of 1.5 meter ICs. Thanks,”

Carter Asbill, SC

No. 45) Refreshingly Affordable:

“I am coming near the term of my evaluation of the AC wires and ANTICABLES IC and have decided to keep them. They offer superb value (notably the IC, which I found nearly the equal of my long time reference, and much more expensive Fadel Ref. 1 interconnects!!!”

“Never had found a satisfactory alternative so far, including Nordost Tyr, Audience 24, …; wow); I am not sure the AC are fully broken in yet, but the results are good enough at this stage that I want to continue experimenting with them and listening more.”

“Congratulations to you for offering true quality cables at such an affordable price, this is so refreshing in today’s hifi world. Kind regards,”

Stéphane Prunet-Sharma, CA

No. 46) Replaced $7,000 MIT Oracle MA Interconnects:

“I just received my anti cables and anti cable ic’s. You’ve heard the phrase that ignorance is bliss. I’ve got a little different twist on that…ignorance is also very expensive!”

“Your products are absolutely unbelievable! I’ve heard about you and your wires for a couple of years or so. I always chuckled to myself about the guys that were using your stuff. I mean after all, didn’t they know that for big performance you had to have big cables? Furthermore, how could the performance of your skinny little wires be anywhere close to my speaker cables that weighed between 50-78 pounds per pair and retailed for as much as $14,000.00 a pair? After all, the more they cost the better they must be…right? WRONG!!!”

“Plus, it seemed to me that if you had big expensive cables that required college wrestling moves just to get them installed then you shouldn’t need to be hooking up some coil of wire behind your speakers in an effort to make things right. These guys were chasing dreams with that stuff as far as I was concerned. Now I know better!”

“I have owned most of the MIT lineup from the Magnum M1’s up to the top where I’m at right now with my MIT Oracle MA interconnects ($6,995.00 per 1 meter RCA) and Magnum MA speaker cable ($7,995.00 per 8 foot pair). I have literally spent tens of thousand of dollars in the past couple of years on speaker cables and interconnects and I was very happy with the sound that I had going with my current cables…until I put yours in my system that is!”

“I am totally flabbergasted at how good these are! My expensive MIT’s will definitely be looking for a new home.”

“Yours have the most neutral, natural, balanced, full, tight, quick, smooth delivery I’ve ever heard! Nothing lost and everything gained. And I’ve got less than 2 hours on them! The only downside that I can see is that once again I find myself in the burn in mode, but this time around I’ve got something I can definitely live with when the burn in is done.”

“I’m very tickled that I gave these a chance. I did so because of all the positive reviews and comments other users are posting on the internet. That’s generally how I buy my gear…I read what other guys are saying and when I find something that a bunch of guys are talking about and they’re all saying the same thing then I figure I better check that item out.”

“When I see repeated postings from guys saying that they got rid of their $8,000.00 cables because yours were better, that’s something I have to get in on. So glad I did.”

“I think my next purchase will be a pair of your Autoformers. First I need to find a couple of anti cable haters to sell my MIT stuff to though! Could be tough because I think there’s only 2 of them out there. LOL!!!”

“It seems to me that with as good as your products are that you could charge whatever you wanted for them. My wife asked me yesterday what came in the box. I told her some dirt cheap speaker cables and interconnects that could allow me to sell my other more costly cables. She just rolled her eyes…she’s heard that before! Then I told her about your products and what they cost. Then I pointed to the MIT cables and told her the retail of those. Then I told her that if everything I had read about your wires was true, then I could sell my expensive cables and put some serious cash in the bank. Her eyes weren’t rolling then.”

“My hat is off to you. Keep up the good work. Thanks again.”

Mike Fultz, Vashon, WA

No. 47) I’ve Made a New Friend:

“Just got the pair of IC’s. All I have to say is, if you are ever in Grensburg Pa, we are going to have a beer and do some fly fishing.”

David Kurek, PA

No. 48) Much Better Then Super Expensive Audioquest cables:

“I just love the performance of your anticables. I am using the speaker wire and interconnects throughout my system – Ayre K1xe preamp, AyreV1xe amp, Fanfare Tuner FT1A, Headroom Blockhead headphone amp, and Vandersteen 5A speakers.”

“While I have your attention; Jim Lowe of Audioquest just came out with a super expensive air cables. My dealer let me borrow a pair, and believe it or not, your interconnects are MUCH better. My wife could hear the difference and thought it was a wow. Thanks,”

Stanley Green, AZ

No. 49) Wished He Found These a Few Thousand Dollars Ago:

“Just a quick line letting you know I received the package the other day…haven’t hooked up the speaker cables yet, but did install the IC’s…not bad out of the bag, but a few days later, great sound…really interesting as you can literally hear the sound improve in just a few days of casual listening…my compliments, and be assured, I will pass these on to my friends as they are one of the sleeper deals I have encountered…wish I had heard of you several thousand dollars ago, but better late than never!…will be installing speaker cables in a few weeks (new amps coming) and am looking forward to being equally impressed, figure…$10 a foot!… Bless you both!!!!!!!”

Steve Foster, CA

No. 50) Compared Against Van den Hull, Kimber, and Cardas cables:

“Immediately I got to work and replaced both my interconnect and LS cables with yours. I could not believe my ears. The sound so so different . We call it more real. The bass had improved tremendously (and you write that the bass will even improve after burn in – I can’t wait !) and the overall clarity was a complete step change.”

“I called in my wife to witness. She is very critical as she has little sympathy for me spending money on hifi tuning but has a very good ear as she is linguistic and plays the piano and classical guitar. I swapped back to my original (Van den Hull) and back to yours again. Straightaway she said that it’s more like the real thing”. In the last few weeks, I have tried 5 ‘upgrades’ of Van den Hull including the famous “First”, Kimber and Cardas cables. All did not impress and the minor improvement the Cardas Neutral Reference made, still did not justify the expenditure. I am a happy man. Thanks. Regards,”

Alistair Botterill, Switzerland

No. 51) Enjoying in Serbia:

“Cables has just arrived to Belgrade 45 mins ago. They are in my system and it is hard to believe what they are doing. OK – you’ve heard this kind of reactions but anyway I also want to tell you that you can be proud of your work. I just hope you would be able to share a part of pleasure and enjoyment I am having right now with the work of your hands. I will do as much as I can that more audiophiles here where I live learn about your magnificent cables. Thanks again!”

Gordan Paunovic, Serbia (Europe)

No. 52) Blows Transparent Audio Cables Out of the Water:

“They sound simply WUNDERBAR!!”

“Thanks again for a great addition to my system at a very reasonable price. My new Anti cable ICs blow my previous cables (a set of Transparent MusicLink Supers between preamp and amp and a DIY pair between source and preamp) clean out of the water! Take care,”

Jannes Bolten, Canada

No. 53) Like Cleaning my Glasses:

“I have purchased both the speaker cable and interconnects (ANTICABLES ICs) from you in the past and the results are astonishing. Comparing your cables to many others (some very costly for me) are the equivalent of cleaning my glasses after having dirt on them. Their simplicity and effectiveness is brilliant. Best regards,”

Ben Trakhtenberg, OH

No. 54) Removes a Veil:

“Hi. This is Tom Artman from Manassas, VA. I’ve been enjoying a biwire pair between my Adcom GFP-5400 and B&W CDM-1NT monitors, as well as three pair of ANTICABLES ICs w/the Eichmann connectors. Each addition removed a veil from the sound… I recommend them to anyone who’ll listen. I have some audiophile coworkers, and they’re skeptical, naturally, but one of these days my wife and I will be holding a party, and they can come over and hear for themselves.”

Tom Artman, VA

No. 55) Refreshing!

“Before I tell what I think of the products so far, I have a question. Are either of you in the ad biz? When I came to your site for the first time, I thought to myself, if I was going to art direct those product shots- that’s pretty much exactly what I’d do. Rarely do I see my own sensibilities so nicely done. Kudos!”

“So… with all of two days under my belt, I can hear why most would say these cables and the ICs are a very fairly priced and they would be correct. However, they appear in the long run to have the potential of being very expensive, both in time and money. When I should be doing other things, I’m not. I’m just listening. But that’s not all, look at the value side of things. I for one, do not think getting a new amp is going to be an inexpensive proposition. And after all these years of living with the basically the same speakers (upgraded in ’91), they may finally be in jeopardy, too. At this point, we are thinking serious time and money. Especially when common sense says that’s the ass-backwards approach. Then again, the whole notion of the A-Cs is rather counterintuitive- perhaps brilliantly so. All they strive to do, is what one can only hope for- they try to get out of the way. How refreshing.”

“So for now, do Anti’s have value? From my POV, hardly. Invaluable? Quite possibly, time will tell…eh? Best regards,”

Peter DeBoer, NC

No. 56) Compared Against Cables Costing 10-20 Times More:

“I received my XLR and RCA cables today. My system is fairly simple (I use special edition ATC active speakers) so changes are easily heard. I plugged the cables in over the lunch hours, and my initial impressions are quite positive! Acoustic guitar, for instance, sound far more real than I’ve ever heard. I’ve been using and have auditioned various cables that cost 10-20 times what these cables cost, and these are easily comparable.”

“At this point the only negative that I can hear is that on a few live recordings I am very familiar with, I don’t seem to hear as much “room ambience” as I am used to. Keep in mind these have not had any break in time, so it is quite possible this could change. The last cables I used sounded absolutely atrocious when new – highs were non-existent, and after 24-36 hours they opened up.”

“In a week or so I will forward further impressions. I can already tell that these cables are a heck of a bargain for the money!”

Todd Coleman, KS

No. 57) Outperforming Cables Costing 4 Time More in Australia:

“Received the interconnects… thanks. I like the packaging 🙂 Simple, … yet very effective… much like the cables themselves.”

“The Eichmanns required heating, but no problem, once done they are nice snug fit……..”

“I hear no hardness or brightness with the cables at all, fresh out of the packet they appear to outperform my current cables which are about four times the price !”

“Thanks for the great products, and the quick postage…. Cheers,”

Mark Tamas, Western Australia

No. 58) Amazed in Finland:

“First impressions: clean and neutral, but not polite or sterile. To be continued… best regards,”

Jaakko Eräpuu, Finland

“After two weeks listening I must admit: I’m amazed. I think Your cables do nothing wrong. As a matter of fact they do nothing at all! Music passes by untouched. That is how it feels. Makes me wonder who needs more. Says a man who has Magnans as his references. best regards.”

Jaakko Eräpuu, Finland

No. 59) Clearly Superior to MIT Cables:

“I have two sets of ANTICABLES speaker wires and one set of the ics. They really seem great. This past weekend, I did a side by side w/ $900 MIT ics. The antis were clearly superior. With the antis, David Byrne was in the room; not so with the MITs. Thanks.”

John A. Culver, CO

No. 60) Better then Harmonic Technology Cables Costing 4 Figures:

“So far I have replaced all my IC’s and speaker cables and every time it still surprise me. The most revealing was the last set of IC I installed. Recently I switched to all SET so all previous XLR from Paul have to be replaced. I borrowed a pair of harmonic technology IC that cost in the 4 figures and when I got the anti-IC, I installed them and the sound change was simply amazing. How something so affordable can be so much better, just go to show the power of marketing. Your competitors have spend millions in advertising how good they are and you have beat them all with free word of mouth advertising and a great concept that all the fancy expensive metal parts cannot replace nor compare. One happy camper in Las Vegas.”

Roy Wong, NV

No. 61) Superior to Expensive Nordost Cables in the UK:

“I have now been running these cables for 4 months about 700 hours so they should have reached their peak. I have to say that at first I was surprised at their somewhat bizarre appearance especially compared to the Nordost SPM I was using. The performance of these anti-ICs however is remarkable and there is no doubt in my mind that they are superior (at least in my system) to the SPMs and this at less than 10% of the cost of course. They are hooked up to a recently acquired Wadia 861se (with GNSC statement modification) CD player and a pair of active ATC speakers, nothing in between so I am purely listening via the anti-ICs and I have to say that there is obviously some synergy with this system as the music is so darned realistic ! I won’t use all the well quoted words to describe sound stage etc but overall my system has taken a major step forward in the enjoyment league!”

“I was at one time considering Nordost Valhalla as the next step but now having heard what the anti-ICs can do, I am going to forget that expensive exercise!”

“Many thanks for a great product and I will certainly spread the word over here in UK, hopefully you will see more orders from across the pond! Best Regards,”

Eric O’Brien, UK

No. 62) Nice Soundstage:

“Received the goodies yesterday. Love the Digital ANTICABLES IC (replaced a QED) very smooth, detailed and faster in the bass area. Combined with the new ANTICABLES analog Interlink, it spreads the soundstage nicely. Although I did miss the clear placement of instruments, voices etc. (probably needs “playing in”).”

“The biggest step forward is the ANTICABLES speaker cables combined with your ZEROs. Set at 2x the soundstage improved hugely (details, placement of instruments). I have upgraded it to 3x. The bass is even tighter now. I am driving my family nuts, playing music at 5 in the morning. The sound is so addictive, I just cannot stop myself from playing my reference cd’s.”

“So now I do NOT need:

– a complete revision of my amps (tubes)

– acoustical treatment of the room (the booming bass used to drive me crazy)

“The whole system sounds as tight as a drum. Thanks a lot. Cheers,”

Piet Keijzer, Netherlands

No. 63) Huge Difference:

“Today got my second set of ANTICABLES ICs, and some more ANTICABLES speaker wires. once again – a huge difference. What they replaced will never be seen again around here 😉 as the older IC is by now fully burned in, I really enjoy it! Thanks,”

Peter Krapp, CA

No. 64) Touching a Heart in South Africa:

“My ANTICABLES IC’s arrived in South Africa after about 10 days like you said in perfect condition, thank you! “

“I have never heard a sweeter 3D midrange ever! The treble was fast, bass tight, well integrated and realistic, and the sound stage wide and deep, but what really did it for me was the midrange. I always preferred a more laid back midrange, as it would easily irritate me otherwise. Some of my CD’s were difficult to listen to for long periods of time because the midrange was just a bit forward for my liking. Now I can’t stop listening and I’m even listening to stuff I couldn’t stand listening to before. Some of the music sounds so beautiful that sometimes before I know it, my eyes start welling up. I think that says enough.”

“That is what I’ve always wanted from my system. I want the music to skip my analytical brain and touch my heart, and the ANTICABLES IC’s made that happened.”

“I look forward to acquire more of your brilliant products in the near future. If only the South African Rand (currently 7 rands to a dollar) wasn’t so weak.”

“Thanks for a great product and brilliant, fast, friendly and efficient service. Cheers,”

Sigurd Endemann, South Africa

No. 65) Recommended by Lovington Horn Loudspeakers:

“I recently, with my friend John Howes, of Southborough, Kent purchased some Anti from you. I must say what a revelation! I am very impressed, and so where many of our customers at the Heathrow Hi Fi Show last weekend. I was demonstrating our Lovington Horn SH1 loudspeaker, and so impressed where we with the speaker cable, and the ANTICABLES ICs, we have decided to make Anti our speaker cable recommendation. In fact we intend to offer all our customers a free set of Anti speaker cable with each pair of SH1 horns. No other cable will do. So you have a firm recommendation from us and I hope some increased sales for both you and Lovington. Please check out our website Very Best Wishes,”

Mike Blackmore, Lovington Horn Loudspeakers and New Ash Green Hi-Fi Club (NAGFI), UK

No. 66) Delighted Down Under:

“Hi from Sydney, I’d just like to say how delighted I am with the anti cables speaker wires and interconnects. They arrived yesterday and I expected at least a few days break in before I could compare them to my previous cables ( JPS And Audio Note ) but immediately they just sounded so much better. They have a rightness of tone and a coherence which is captivating. I can’t stop listening to my music collection. My only regret is that they weren’t around years ago – it might have saved me a lot of money !!. Cheers and congratulations on a great product.”

“P.S I noticed in your literature that they improve with use. Surely they can’t get any better can they ?. For the money it’s just phenomenal.”

Peter Obrien, Australia

No. 67) Even Improves Subwoofer Bass:

“The cables arrived on Wednesday. I fitted them yesterday and as before they’ve made a great improvement. The interconnects have given my CD player some life and sparkle that were missing before, plus clearer bass and better imaging (previously vdH D102). Replacing the original REL subwoofer cable with the wires you suggested has brought more clarity, depth and texture to the bass there as well. So thanks as always for an excellent service and great products.”

Peter Ward, UK

No. 68) Compared to cables costing $6,000:

“Gorgeous Judy,”

“I received your XLR Interconnects. Plugged them in. Instant difference. That is a “first” for me. I’ve tried many ‘speaker cables and interconnects in the range $200-6000, and none of them made much of a difference: certainly, not enough for me to part with cash for them. [I regard your ‘speaker cables as O.K. They don’t do any damage, and I’ll settle for that]. So you could put me in the school of thought that suspects that wires are peddled by snake-oil salesmen who have more of an eye on profit than music.”

“But your XLR I/Cs are the real deal: as I said, INSTANT DIFFERENCE. A whole load more clear treble (why?) and speed (why??). Your “manual” refers to the need for 500 hours running-in. Even if they prove hopeless in the long run (I doubt it), at least I can clearly hear they are doing SOMETHING. Which all the others didn’t. I shall be patient for 500 hours. About two months should do it! Oh, the delight of being retired.”

“Keep Paul’s nose to the grindstone: he is doing music-lovers a big favor. Best wishes from a grumpy Billy-no-mates Brit.”

Keir Watkin, UK

No. 69) A Review from Russia:

“As promised here is my short review of your ANTICABLES speaker wires and IC’s.”

“My system consists of Chord Choral One CD Player, Gryphon Diablo Integrated Amplifier, Dynaudio Confidence 5 Loudspeakers. I use Cardas Audio Golden Reference balanced interconnect and Kimber Kable Monocle XL loudspeaker cable.”

“When first time I used your IC’s and speaker wires I noticed the sound is thin and sometime unpleasant in highs. But I did remember every cable have to run for a while. So they did for about 200 hours and the sound has greatly changed. The most impressive is the bass. It is very deep and tight. The mids and highs are clear and accurate. The whole picture is very much neutral. I cannot say that I hear these cables. On the opposite – I see the components of the system and what their input to the sound.”

“I have just noticed a little bit laid back character of the IC’s which was not very good for my ears. However maybe this is the character of my system (especially Chord Player) that I usually improve by using Cardas GR that focuses on mids.”

“Conclusion: great solution for the money, especially for the systems that need to sound more clear and informative.”

“Thank you and warm regards,”

Denis Shilakin, Russia

No. 70) Better then Discovery Cables:

“You probably think of me as a nuisance. Cannot help myself. For years I’ve thought of Discovery cables as the standard. They may or may not be the best cables in existence. I haven’t heard every cable. But they are an exceptional value and surpass every thing at or near their price point. Until now…”

“After living with a pair of your inter-connects for slightly more than one week, I took them over to a friends. We replaced his Discovery Signatures between his CDP and pre-amp. They offer more pace. They are more dynamic. Highs are better. Mids are better. Bass seems to be pretty much the same. His cables are fully burnt in and cost $300 a metered pair with RCA plugs. I paid $175 for a 1.5 meter pair with bullet Eichmann plugs Judy recommended. I’m keeping them. And oh, yes! I expect soundstaging to improve enough to match the excellent soundstaging the Discoveries offer as they burn in.”

“I know you say that they require 500 hours of burn in to reach their performance zenith but I’m looking forward to comparing them to the top of the line Discovery Essence, then. But right now, I think I’ve stumbled onto one of the greatest bargains in audio and I’m all about value. Thanks,”

Miguel de Freitas, CA

No. 71) Amazed in Poland:

“Just a few days ago I received a parcel from you with speaker cables and IC. I couldn’t stay any longer and I’ve connected them. What happened then was amazing. More details, fully controlled bass but treble and whole scene has moved backwards. It is not so bad but I’ve expected more. Midrange has surprised me, more details, very nice “reception’, I’ve discovered again beauty of some older records. I’m expecting that after “warming up” they will expand their good qualities. My system: amplifier Roksan Caspain M series-1, CD player also Caspian, speakers jmlab focal chorus 807V, in close future also Caspian power amp. I’ll let you know what happened after more hours of listening of yours Anti’s. Yours sincerely,”

Krystian Nowakowski, Poland

No. 72) Sold off Cardas, Analysis Plus, Audioquest, and Audience Cables:

“I thought you would like this. I have sold these since I got yours: Cardas Gold Ref, Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval, Audioquest King Cobra, Audience AU24e, and others I’ve had… Audioquest Volcano speaker cable, Audioquest Indigo+, Forest+. I don’t have a cheep system, Cambridge 840c CD, Musical Fidelity A5, Bryston 4BSST amp, Bryston BP26 preamp, Martin Logan Ascent i speakers, and Anti’s, interconnects, speaker cable, and jumpers.”

Kris Teel, SC

No. 73) Improvements in Hungary:

“I received the cables today (ANTICABLES speaker wire & balanced XLR ICs). I have already hooked them up and am in the process of burning them in. I could already hear an improvement in the top end and a more controlled bass. Thank you again! Regards,”

Béla Juszel, Hungary

No. 74) Very Impressed in India:

“So far from what I have heard (and its only been a few hours today), the anti-ICs are very impressive – more like live music and less of smearing especially of cymbal crashes etc. Bass is probably a bit bloated but not intolerable by any stretch of imagination. Suspect this will even out with burn in. Pls stay tuned for more detailed feedback. Best regards,”

Kiranbir Nag, India

No. 75) Beat Audioquest Cables Cold:

“I didn’t want to wait to burn-in the ANTICABLES IC cables in, so I’ve been listening to them for 2 nights in my rig, doing a side-by-side comparison with my Audioquest Columbia interconnects. My initial response? WOW. Not only did your cables hold up with these $400 cables, but they’re BETTER, right out of the box! I noticed that with jazz, the cymbals consistently sound more natural, and with vocals, there’s more of a fullness to it that makes it feel more like someone’s in my room singing to me. I’m extremely impressed, I can’t wait to see where the cables go from here! Thanks Again,”

Krish Maharaj, MN

No. 76) Time to Dump his Kimber Cables:

“Holy dog feces!!! These are good!!! I’m selling my ridiculously expensive Kimber KCAG to some gullible person. I live here in St. Louis, and there is absolutely no 2 channel Hi Fi shop High End. There’s a couple of Home Theater shops that cater to music for dentists w/money and no sense (hope I didn’t step on any toes w/that comment) Well there is a 2 channel place run by Zaw Win since ’74 (not to be confused w/Sao Win, who I also know) his take is that if you don’t charge enuff , people will think it’s crap. I will place another order w/Judy for a 3 meter pair of balance anti-IC’s!! Best and good job!!!”

John A. (Tony) Petrakis, MO

No. 77) Blew away $800 per Meter Interconnects:

“I compared these (ANTICABLES ICs) to my $800 a meter interconnects and they just blew them away. And after replacing the massive MIT 750 between my Watt & Puppy (with the ANTICABLES speaker wires) I was just as floored. Heard things in the music I never knew were there. Incredible! I will tell everyone who will listen. Thanks,”

Joe Cutrufelli, CA

No. 78) Notable Improvement and Easy to Manage:

“I installed your ANTICABLES IC’s and again I experienced a quite noticeable improvement. I really can’t say which was more of an improvement, your speaker wires or your IC’s, but both were vastly superior to the items they replaced (PS Audio Statement – PS Audio Xtreme Transcendent) to my ears, and in my opinion. Another thing I thought worth mentioning is the fact that when you bend your IC’s and Cables they stay in place. Because they have this ability, my audio rack is so much more tidy & there is less worry of things overlapping or touching & interfering with each other. I just bend/manipulate them into the place and position I want them to occupy and they stay there. I envision as I buy more IC’s for other components the rear of my rack will become more and more tidy. Thanks again for offering such a truly great product at a truly great price.”

Larry Collins, MD

No. 79) Just Music in Spain:

“I’m glad I contact you to say I am very happy with the ANTICABLES speaker wires & ICs, I did not believe much in them, but I decided to try and after a few days I’ve noticed they really are what their own name suggests, natural and neutral as I have heard, only lead the music, a real success, thanks.”

José Martinez, Spain

No. 80) Faithful Transient Response and Dynamics:

“My system proves all you have to say about your ICs. Transient response just can’t be any better. They faithfully carry all the enormous amount of dynamic range a CD has to offer, and that is a lot. It carries every detail in the right proportion to breath vibrant life into the music. I run your ICs between the DAC and preamp, and also between the amps and preamp.”

Vince Bezdecheck, CA

No. 81) Deeper Bass then Cables Costing 7 Times More:

“I purchased your interconnects on a lark for my 140 wpc VAC valve and analog system After all, at the price listed for your IC’s, what had I to lose? A single brass foot under one of the monoblocks costs more than a pair of your IC’s.”

“I swapped your ANTICABLES IC with the standard RCA plugs for a pair of expensive Omega Mikro IC that costs about SEVEN times as much as your cables. I listened and was immediately startled. Even with no break-in, your cables sounded better than the Omega’s. The bass was several octaves deeper and more precise. There was more air between instruments with a deeper sound stage. The instrumentality was greater: more precision with quicker transients. My sole complaint was that your cables leaned a bit to the bright side. But then they are not broken in, yet and I’ve seen this resolve with aging of the cables. I so disbelieved what I heard with the anti-IC that I swapped cables back and forth 5 times to try and convince myself otherwise. But NO!”

“In summary, would you like to buy some Omega Mikro IC’s (smile)? BTW, I ordered another set of ANTICABLES IC’s today — this time with the Eichmann RCA plugs.”

“Thanks for listening to my musings.”

Bill Owen, NJ

No. 82) Love the Interconnects:

“Thanks for the info and story of the Eichmann terminations. I absolutely love these ANTICABLES IC’s. I have never heard my system like this before!!! They replaced a pair silver conductor Stealth CWS interconnects. I thought those were the best I could do for the $$$ spent. Wow was I wrong!”

“Realizing how great your IC’s are, I now need to raise funds to purchase another pair. To that end, I decided to look through my “spare” stuff and see if I have anything I’m not using that I could sell on Audiogon to raise the funds for more ANTICABLES IC’s. Thanks,”

Renee Gallian, VA

No. 83) The Ultimate Cable for this Russian:

“Cables are received today. Everything is intact and safe.”

“Of course I plugged them in already and enjoy jaw dropping effect on my own. Never thought my single ended amp can provide such a punch. Charly Antolini “In the Groove” became totally head smashing like he should be. I got more detailed sound for sure and wonder what it’s going to be after warming up.”

“Oh! – and the final of the Dark Side of the Moon is so realistic that my folks asking me from another room why am I laughing like crazy:) As you imagine now I’m stuck with an idea to re-listen all my records, at least most favorite.”

“Some time ago when I bought Linn LP12 I thought to myself – well, this is the last turntable in my life. I guess it’s time to stop searching for the ultimate cable.”

“Best regards and huge thank you from Russia!”

Artur Keydan-Kutsin, Russia

No. 84) Nice Review from a Resurrected Veteran:

“Having been a music lover all my life, I dabbled in “High End Audio” for many years and too many paychecks. I was also a partner in a Chicago Audio Salon. By the mid 90’s I dropped out of the “audiophile scene” having seen more than my share of Audio Gurus selling mediocre “Cables of the Month” at prices just below my annual salary.”

“Enter Paul Speltz and his ANTICABLES and Anti-ICs. Not only do these cables blow away every other cable I’ve ever heard; they bring the audiophile unprecedented value. This is HIGH END AUDIO at the working man’s budget. I’m pulling My ARC SP-10 Mk.7, ARC Monoblocks and the rest of my system out of storage and I’m gonna have fun again.”

Bill Kuecher, IL

No. 85) Stunned and Speechless in India:

“The ANTICABLES ICs have now clocked more than 32hrs of run in. I’m already quiet stunned & speechless. I’m not sure what to expect after 500hrs of run in. Each day the Anti-ICs sound a lil’ different & they are only getting better. The brightness I was experiencing initially is almost gone.”

“All the budget ICs that I’ve used in the past were all able to strongly differentiate between new & old recordings like night & day. The ANTICABLES IC is the first IC that I know of which is really unbiased to recordings. The difference between old & new recordings have pretty much narrowed down. I’m stunned at the details I heard from really old 60s music from artists such as Nina Simone, B.B. King etc to name a few. Thanx once again.”

George Denver, India

No. 86) Songs Sound Re-Mastered:

“I had to stop and email you. Hope you remember me I bought bi-wire and ANTICABLES ICs at least two months ago. I picked them up at your place and you were telling me about the audio club, etc. I hope to have time for the club in the future especially because of my interest in digital which no one seems to really understand, but anyway.”

“I couldn’t sleep last night and sometimes music sounds better. Whatever it is, I’m hearing a ton more sounds in the music I haven’t heard before. Significant enough one song sounded re-mastered and i was trying to figure out if I had a copy I didn’t know I had and was listening to it for the first time. I thought maybe I accidentally left some iTunes sound enhancing preferences on, but everything is off. Credit should go to the ANTICABLES IC’s between the preamp and amp. Thanks,”

Dale Steu, MN

No. 87) Hall of Fame Nominee:

“So I recently decided to purchase a set of Magneplanar 1.7’s – I had heard the MMG’s before and any shortcomings they had were fixed by the new 1.7’s. So out with the old Snell set, in with the ribbons. They sounded very good…but something was not there. The low end was “thin”, high end hot. Still, they were awesome and I was happy.”

“My speaker cable was 5 year old glorified lamp cord, and my IC’s from the pre to the amp were mid level monster cables. The dealer who sold me the speakers recommended a set of speaker cables that were over $500. I decided to look around and found you.”

“For about 1/2 that, I replaced the speaker cables and IC’s with your gear……Holy $hit.”

“I can’t compare your gear to other really expensive cable. I can’t say the IC’s help the soundstage due to the simultaneous upgrades. I don’t know if the speaker cable is making the low end solid and crisp. What I can say is what I hear now is just incredible. Spooky is the best way to describe the experience now, and it has been less than 10 hours. Break in makes this better? Again, Holy $hit.”

“Thank you for saving me massive amounts of money…hell, i feel like I ripped YOU off buying all this greatness for such a low price. An order for more IC’s is on it’s way.”

“If there were an audio hall of fame, you are my nominee. There may be better sounding cables, but the marginal utility would be overwhelmed by the price. I really hope this is massively successful for you – you deserve it. Much thanks,”

Nick P. NY

No. 88) Live up to Their Promises:

“I have just completed an arduous, detailed and very enjoyable testing of the ANTICABLES speaker cables and interconnect cables…”

“The Anti Cable speaker cable AND interconnects have trounced MIT cables in detail, separation, bass extension, dynamics, imaging and especially vocal / strings air/presentation… So the Anti’s have just knocked almost $ 3000 worth of MIT cables right out of the ring!”

“The Anti Cable Interconnects are strong, warm (!) with an incredible 3D imaging with more bass extension. The balance and separation between the low, mids and highs is quite clear…”

“I must admit that I wanted the Anti Cables to be better than my high end cables, simply so I could make some money selling old cables. However, I did NOT expect the Anti- Cables to achieve this. I expected a gimmicky brightness that sounded good at first but would later become fatiguing and un-musical.”

“I stand corrected!”

“The Anti’s have taken my high end music listening room system to a whole other level. Even though they seem less warm than my expensive cables, the detail and musicality I just can’t give up, now that I’ve heard it. Music has become an even more involving experience. There is so much more information to listen to. The music sounds REAL and the imaging is 3D in all directions—the speakers have truly disappeared and my room sounds larger.

“While the most pronounced improvement was with the Anti Cable speaker cables, the synergy of adding the interconnects was a leap forward in reveal of detail, bass extension and imaging. Hard to put my finger on it, but part of the perceived “tightness” of the bands, seem to be in the timing of the Anti Cables. Things like the press and release of a bass guitar were spot on, drums are locked on time. The bands suddenly got a better rhythm when played with the Anti Cable interconnects.”

“All-in-all, an incredible value for the money that has now provided me with a “new” record collection and a revitalized hobby– quite a discovery.”

Mark Terhune, Portland OR

No. 89) Didn’t Think Possible:

“I received cables yesterday. Played CD and LP with my DIY cables then installed your cables and played same CD and LP again. What a difference your cables made. I wouldn’t have thought this was possible just changing wires.”

Charles Schneider, TX

No. 90) Apology Accepted:

“I had an Audiophile dealer come in last Saturday to sort out my VTA and tracking and I told him I installed the ANTICABLES speaker wires and ICs. He didn’t even let me finish my sentence when he said “Oh I can tell you that you have gone totally the wrong way” as he tested them out with another client and it was really awful.”

“Then he sat down and heard my system and apologized for his remark saying, “Wow, this sounds unbelievable!” Rgds,”

Neil Gopal, South Africa

No. 91) Replaced AudioQuest and Kimber in Malaysia:

“I’m not good at writing nor describing any kind of hi-fi stuff, but having got your Anti cable speaker wires & the interconnect and having been using them for couples months now, it is everything you said it would do for bringing out good sounds from a hi-fi system. I wanted to write this earlier, but I waited until till the cables are run-in. Indeed it got better over time. And it’s so good that I sold off my AQ speaker cable that I’ve been using the past 2 years (thought it was very good already) and also replaced the Kimber Select interconnects! Believe me they are that good! Warm Regards & Have a Nice Day!”

Ronald Chow, Malaysia

No. 92) Musical Ebb and Flow:

“I connected one of the 1.5 m cables today. Now I know for certain what I have been missing!!!! Boy oh boy does it sound fabulous. Ever so smooth, extended, spacious, transparent and abundantly coherent. Your anti-ICs truly allow the music to ebb and flow without the intrusion of unwanted coloration(s) of any kind. That’s precisely what great gear/equipment should do. Thanks. Take care and continued good luck. Regards,”

Frank Dezego, NY

No. 93) Pocketed $800:

“I have had my anti cable speaker and interconnects for a year now, and am glad I discovered them. They match the neutrality of my amp perfectly. I had been using Kimbers, then went on to expensive silver cables from Home Grown Audio $1700 for 10 feet of speaker cables, and $670 for an 0.5meter interconnect. Replaced with 12meters of your speaker cable unterminated, and a meter of your IC with Eichmann bullets, sold my silver cables and pocketed $800. The other cables were either too harsh or to flat, your were smooth, neutral, and lively.”

Neil Robson, MA

No. 94) Clean and Clear:

“The IC wires sound clean and clear (insert your favorite hackneyed audiophile phrase here.). And are economical, too! Thanks,”

Bruce Nilson, NJ

No. 95) Deeper Bass and More 3D Presentation:

“I ordered a pair of ANTICABLES ICs a couple of weeks ago.”

“Running them from my CDP. They sounded good “out of the box” but after 10s of more hours I am hearing deeper bass but especially a more 3D presentation of the music. Very, very happy and actually don’t think they are fully broken in yet vs hours/performance info on your site. Interesting to note I am using my back up amp because my mono blocks are going in for repair/upgrade. The improvement carried over from the mono-blocks to my integrated. I will be ordering other pairs from you but must wait until a new listening area is finalized.”

Charles Sonhouse, PA

No. 96) Can’t ask for Anything Better:

“For several years I have been using Harmonic Tech ProSilway II between my Conrad-Johnson CT 5 and Marsh Sound Design amp. It sounded good to me. I decided to experiment using your interconnect. It may not be the latest, greatest, most technologically advanced complicated and EXPENSIVE interconnect but I don’t see how I could ask for a better ic. ( Yes, you can quote me.) Thanks,”

Jack Durrett II, SC

No. 97) More Blood and Texture:

“The IC’s sound great, and better than the Hero’s w Eichmann. More speed, space and tone color. Voices especially have more blood and texture. Thanks,”

Robert Karlsson, UT

No. 98) Outstanding:

“I just wanted to get back to you regarding the IC’s (compared to Kimber PBJ). Outstanding! Just as advertised. I never really knew what people were describing when they stated that the music “transients were faster” but I can hear that with your IC’s. Soundstage and separation opened up more also. If they keep getting better (as some customers describe) I can’t wait to hear it! Thanks again! (I will sing their praises very chance I get!).”

Johnny Jess, CA

No. 99) Nordost, Transparent, Audioquest… No Contest:

“I did a blind test with Nordost Red Dawn Balanced, Transparent Music Wave Plus Balanced, Audioquest Python Balanced and the AC with RCA. There was absolutely no contest. The low end resolution to the Von Schweikert VR4 Gen II speakers was night and day. There was literally no low end definition or punch from any cable but the ANTICABLES. What a revelation at the lowest price by far! I’m changing to the Michael Green tuned room concept and these cables fit the philosophy and minimalistic approach best I think. Thanks very much,”

Jim Balcom, MI

No. 100) Nothing Short of Amazing:

“I fired up some Dire Straits, Bad Company, Eagles and Trapeze – the sound was nothing short of amazing. Bass reproduction was top notch, and I kept hearing little details that I might’ve missed with my Monoprice ‘Premium’ audio cables. I can’t wait for these to break in, but the sound right off the bat is incredible.”

“Thanks again for the great service and product!”

Aaron Almeida, Canada

No. 101) What a Treat!

“…On with the good news! I plugged in the set of ANTICABLES IC’s last weekend and got a few hours of listening in. What a treat! I heard a difference while I was still adjusting the volume, from behind the speaker! Better clarity, the sound stage got deeper and the bass tightened up bit. A marked improvement from my existing cables. I am looking forward to seeing how they break in and continue to change. It’s winter in Minnesota, I have time to spend indoors…I will be going on vacation to Florida in a few weeks to see my buddy that got me started in all of this, we will be plugging the Anti-IC’s into his rig for a shoot out. It should be interesting; he has thousands in cables…”

Mike Packer, MN

No. 102) Dumping all my Audioquest Cables:

“I’d Like to thank you – and tell you how amazing your Cables are !!!!! I have Mac Ultra silver which I’ve been using with your Cables for an incredible combined sound. Your Cable blows the Aural Thrills cables of mine away. Use your Cable between My vintage Sony CES 79 and my Sophia Electric 300b Mono Blocks. I get better “CLARITY” while still maintaining a neutral, natural sound that is Amazing. Dumping all my Audioquest Cables….including my Colorado’s ! Want to buy another pair. Do make a pair with higher end RCA’s ? Same result with your Speaker cable ! Thanks,”

Peter Griffin, CT

No. 103) Most Significant Improvement to the System:

“Thank you for the interconnects. I was nervous about swapping out the older cables, audioquest blueracers –high entry-level, but more than capable in their own right–, for the coiled curiosities, attractive, slightly surreal looking with the macrocephalic bullet-plugs.”

“Immediate Huge improvement. I mean this was the best upgrade to my system since I changed every component over 6 months after the cd player went south. After upgrading the cd, I got a severe case of “upgrade-it is”. Everything was swapped out for newer &/or better.”

“The anticable interconnects have made the most significant improvement to the system, on par with the magical cambridge 840c cd player/dac.”

“I have expensive –for me– speaker cables that have uttered a simultaneous “gulp” at the possibility for being swapped out for the much less expensive Anticables. The beefy, competent, Transparents are -understandably– afraid of the wiry-strong, lightweight AC’s. Sincerely,”

Will Ostrow, NYC

No. 104) Detailed, Nice Texture, Good Focus:

“Received your “Reference” ICs on Monday, thank you! First impression was good, detailed, nice texture, good focus without any break in. Just wondering how long does it take to break it in? Last night, I compared it to acoustic zen Silver reference ll (after only 24 hour run in), yours sounded better in everyway except the soundstage. Ref ic’s soundstage is between the speaker, AZ silver had much wider soundstage. I hope ref ic’s soundstage will get better after break in.”

Dan Lu, Canada

Dan, Yes, the biggest thing that happens to almost any audio component when they break-in is the sound opens up. Interconnects seem to take a range from about 100 to 500 hours to fully settle in. They may go through a time in which they seem to get worse before they get better, so thanks for being patient.

Sounds like they are good enough that you are already enjoying them…


Paul Speltz (AntiCables)

No. 105) Outstanding Improvement:

“The improvement in sound using your cables both as interconnects (Eichmann plugs) and speaker wire is outstanding. Happy Listening,”

Hal Marcus, Raleigh, NC

No. 106) Details, Sweet Midrange, Defined & Extended Bass:

“I’ve just hooked the interconnects up and pressed play in my CD. It is amazing; a lot of details, sweet midrange and great defined and extended bass. I have a completely new sound system in my apartment.”

“The IC was perfect packed and shipped in perfect condition – thanks a lot”

“I guess next step will be your Reference speaker wire. Regards,”

Piotr Wilkowski, Poland