Digital Interconnects Reviews

No. 1) Very Smooth, Detailed and Faster in the Bass:

“Received the goodies yesterday. Love the Digital Anti-IC (replaced a QED) very smooth, detailed and faster in the bass area. Combined with the new ANTICABLES IC Interlink, it spreads the soundstage nicely. The whole system sounds as tight as a drum. Thanks a lot. Cheers,”

PietKeijzer, Netherlands

No. 2) Natural Timbre:

“Hallo, sorry for not giving you a feedback immediately but I had to wait for the weekend to find the time to compare. The Digital Anti-IC is for- my taste- really the better choice. It sounds has much more details, and clearly the more natural timbre. There is not really a lack of bass, but the bass is more tense. All instruments and voices have a better swing, a better rhythm. One can easily follow the tune of each instrument playing together with other ones. So I am absolutely happy with these ANTICABLES showing me what else my equipment is able to. Thanks for introducing me with the Digital Anti-IC. I think you will get soon another order from a High-End- colleague of me. Many greetings from Austria.”

Dr. Klaus MAYER, Austria (Europe)

No. 3) The Digital Cable Kicks!

“This is just a quick note to thank you for the extremely prompt delivery of your Digital ANTICABLES IC. The new cable kicks ass. I want to buy more stuff from you folks as my $ allows. I bought your ANTICABLES jumpers a few months ago and they made a big difference.”

“I see more ICs in my future. Thanks again.”

Scott Strayer, Redwood City, CA

No. 4) Certainly Very Worthwhile… and Enjoyable!

“Thank you for the prompt build and shipment of the digital IC cable I received late last week. By virtue of a weekend of listening to a limited number of redbook CD’s, I am able to relay my initial impressions to you and give a sense of the level of satisfaction with the supplied version.”

“Installed per instructions, the cable is positioned in a vertical arch, oriented away from the particular element I had the most concern about, a HTPC. As a result of being able to get it further away than originally anticipated, I can say that I am not presently experiencing any significant problems due to RFI, Whether this will change due to further system alterations, I obviously can’t say just yet, but there was certainly no need to try a variety of cable locations to mitigate a potentially intrusive problem. A good start.”

“At this juncture, my CD player and DAC are perhaps best described as being slightly above average in performance, but there has been no particular effort to employ mods that address galvanic isolation, re-clocking, or overall jitter reduction by dedicated means. Thus, the simple and passive approach offered by the 1.5m cable length and unique dielectric/shielding configuration was quite appealing, and I thank you for making it available.”

“I listened to a test compilation of selections I use for general systems evaluation, a recording of a local bluegrass group that I have heard live repeatedly, as well as Sinatra’s Ring-a-ding-ding CD. After going through the lot several times, I was pleased with how two things in particular seemed to have improved. The first was when harmonizing voices (with genetic linkage among them) seemed to coalesce together without “wander”. This characteristic also seemed to manifest itself in the soundstage fabric of my favorite selections being “pulled a little tighter” in all directions.”

“I’m all for the quantitative changes I’ve noted thus far, and am also happy with the delicate nature now being manifested in the spaces between instruments, voices and their environment. I want to hear the studio, the band shell and vocal nuances as best I can. And I think the latest change to the digital transmission medium helps toward that end and was certainly very worthwhile…. and enjoyable!”

“Please keep me posted on anything else you’ve been working on that might help augment an additional upcoming order. The next one will probably get me started on converting multiple speaker transmission cables to the Anti’s. Thank you and regards,”

Tom Mishler, MI

No. 5) Music Flows with Ease:

“I’ve decided to keep the digital ic that I had in loan from the guys at Divine Audio, (UK Dealer) and may order a second set for my main naim-based system. Very impressed by the ease with which the music flows. Especially good at the top and bottom; clear highs and solid fast lows! Great stuff! Regards,”

David Rowe, UK