Jumpers Reviews

No. 1) The Change is Immediate and Noticeable!

“All I can say is WOW. This ANTICABLES jumper is really something. Bass improve noticeably, soundstage is wider and deeper. I was using some flat-wire silver jumpers and the sound was good but a bit flat and edgy. The ANTICABLES jumper has ironed it out and given it a very pleasing sound, more lifelike. The change is immediate and noticeable! This ANTICABLES jumper is really something. I’ll be order more for my fronts. If just the jumpers gave such a change, I can’t imagine what effect the ANTICABLES will have as speaker cables!”

Dzung Do “Jimmy”, TX

No. 2) Definitely an Audible Improvement:

“The ANTICABLES Jumpers are definitely an audible improvement over the stock plated jumpers on my speakers. It has given them a wider upper range. Thx”


No. 3) The Jumpers Seemed to Have Opened a Window:

“First thanks for the great service. I finally got around to installing the jumpers on my biwire-able Linn 4250 speakers. These speakers are in a system comprising of Channel Island d100 mono blocks, modified Foreplay II preamp, Jolida JD 100 CDP, and McIntosh 65r tuner. At this point all cables are Nordost Blue Heavens IC and Bi-wire speaker cable. I have pretty happy with the sound but have been wanting to replace the jumpers for some time.”

“I have been interested in solid core and have thought about the possibility of replacing the speaker cables but thought economically its not possible at this time. Then I heard about ANTICABLES. So I thought at least I would try the Jumpers, I couldn’t believe how reasonable the cost was and thought I had made a mistake only ordering one set of jumpers and surprise the cost was for a stereo set unbelievable!”

“I got them installed and let them play for several hours without pay much attention. Then I sat down for an evening of listening. Well I was surprised. I expected since these were jumping the Mid – woofer of the Linn’s that my bass would be a little tighter. The bass was indeed more tuneful, tighter what I didn’t expect was the improvement in the upper bass and lower mids. The jumpers seemed to have opened a window in this area of the speaker that I hadn’t realized was missing since they were wired to a Linn amp with Linn cables. So I was truly impressed that this Jumper has made in the system. I am now considering the purchase of ANTICABLES speaker wires to bi-wire. Thanks again!”

John Pancini, IN

No. 4) Time to Stop Loaning them Out:

“The ANTICABLES jumpers are the best highend bargain. Cheap and shipped promptly. This is my second pair. Why do I loan them out; they never come back?”

Audiogon member (Geowilson3)

No. 5) HUGE sonic upgrade:

“I ordered a set of these jumpers, and think they sound FANTASTIC. I would like to order (2) more sets, so I can replace the jumper bars on 2 sets of B&W speakers. Will you send me an invoice, so I can pay via Paypal again for jumper replacement. On two pairs of my B&W 685 speakers is such a small investment for a HUGE sonic upgrade in performance. Thanks a bunch!”

Charles Tull, VA

No. 6) Better then Cardas Jumpers in Every Way:

“Hi Paul I received the 12″ ANTICABLES jumpers a few days ago, and I must admit, they better my Cardas jumpers in everyway. Better separation, quieter background, cleaner sound without being bright, and they are not even broken in yet!! I still need 2 more sets, one of which I will order in the next few days. Thanks Paul, talk to you soon!”


“Now I have a complete set of your cables and it has dramatically changed the sound for the better, especially in focus and dynamics, and they are not even broken in yet. In the near future, I will purchase another set to use in a biwire configuration. Thank you for your excellent product and customer service!”

Mark Maturo, VT

No. 7) A Recording Studio:

“Man, these jumpers have really taken things up a notch in here already! Thanks so much for the very quick service and excellent product, have a great week. Best,”

Michael Howe
Vice President, A&R
Capitol/Virgin Label Group
Hollywood, CA 90028

No. 8) All Anti’s Including Jumpers:

“I thought you would like this. I have sold these since I got yours: Cardas Gold Ref, Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval, Audioquest King Cobra, Audience AU24e, and others I’ve had… Audioquest Volcano speaker cable, Audioquest Indigo+, Forest+. I don’t have a cheep system, Cambridge 840c CD, Musical Fidelity A5, Bryston 4BSST amp, Bryston BP26 preamp, Martin Logan Ascent i speakers, and Anti’s, interconnects, speaker cable, and jumpers.”

Kris Teel, SC

No. 9) Be Very Careful:

“I bought anti cables from you about a month ago. I love them. Recommended them to a friend & he also got a pair plus jumpers. Your anti cables actually made the differences between my Cal audio cl20 & Icon mkii power boss cd players very obvious. They took my modest little system to another level entirely. It was as if I had gotten more expensive speakers or a new amp. I think if others were to try your cables before changing any component in their systems they might save themselves a lot of money.”

“I would advise you to be very careful as far as those overpriced cable bandits are concerned. They may become very unhappy with you as more people discover your products. It’s really nice to know there’s someone like you in this business. Thanks & best regards”

Will Virtue, NY

No. 10) Smoking:

“Was just letting u know that the ANTICABLES came today an they are Smoking , gonna take the other 7ft pair and the Jumpers to my Bud’s and see what he thinks , So far i can tell that the Bass is a lot better an the Highs are right there, a Nice Pleasing sound . Thanks Again”

Mark Skeens, OH

No. 11) Less is Truly More:

“Just a quick note to say that I’ve had the cables and jumpers in my system for a couple of weeks now and I’m really very happy with them. I have a singularly untweaked system: Minimax Cd player, Antique Sound Labs MG SI 15DT tube amp, and a pair of Mission speakers. I like the simple straightforward approach of the ANTICABLES; sometimes less is truly more. Cheers and all the best”

Vasant Kaiwar, NC

No. 12) Gobsmacked by Their Performance:

“Hmmm, interesting… My speakers use jumpers between the bass module and mid/top units (Verity Parsifal Encores). Changed out the normal speaker jumpers with ANTICABLES Jumpers and although not burnt -in noticed a definite improvement. Although it was 11pm couldn’t resist trying the 7′ set as well, again much better in all areas to the Kimber 8ag (NOT a cheap cable !!) Have put about 25 hours on ANTICABLES so far and their sounding better all the time. Thank you very much.”

Bye for now, regards Alan

“…the ANTICABLES speaker wires & Jumpers have about 50 hours on them now, I’m still gobsmacked by their performance, can’t wait for the I/C’s ! My wife keeps telling me I look like a ‘startled rabbit’ lately when listening to the hi-fi !”

Alan Sturges, England

No. 13) A Polish Privilege:

“Hallo, I bought a pair of anticable speaker wires plus jumpers from you. Before, I had been using a set of a renowned bi-wired configuration.. I must admit I thought your testimonials were sort of advertising hype… yes I did… So fortunately was I wrong! I cannot thank enough for the privilege of using your cables. I say a privilege, because I cannot seriously think of how much money it would take to otherwise buy this kind of quality. Should you decide to wrap your antis up in fancy clothing, they would yield thousands. And yet you prefer to give your cables away for next to nothing. As they are now coming to Poland, my thank-you is more than gratitude… The constructor of my KT88 tube amplifier, a close friend of mine, was equally impressed, which will give me a good night’s sleep, too.”

“I seriously consider my purchase the best I ever made. Please feel free to use and/or publish my testimonial. I believe you can still improve well on the sales in Eastern Europe, as the quality you are offering by far exceeds the market offerings from major manufacturers.”

“Best greetings and wishes for all the best!”

Piotr Woryma, Poland

No. 14) I am Very Satisfied:

“A couple of months ago, I purchased a 10′ pair of speaker cables and a set of jumpers, both of which I’m very satisfied with. To add to whatever anecdotal data base—formal or informal—you might entertain, they are being used very successfully with a vintage, restored Eico HF-81 integrated tube amp and a pair of ProAc Tablette 50 Signatures. Thanks,”

Michael Sugg, OR